When I was a teenager my priority was to escape from my home as soon as possible, to study abroad and make my horizons wider. From 2007 to 2010 I lived in 4 different countries, from Valencia to Tolouse, from Wageningen to Edinburgh with my last job experience in London during winter 2013-2014.

During this period I met wonderful people and I built strong friendships with whom I can still rely on.  At that time my main question was “Where I will organize my life?”. The answer became more and more clear each time I came back to visit my family and I was enchanted by the local beauty which I was not used anymore.

I realised I could touch infinitive skies but my roots will be always firmly grab to one land only…My Marche, like an oak tree is used to do.

By this blog I want let you discover with me this small region of Italy and all her infinitive secret beauties. Follow me in this journey and you will understand how we can be held by this land…