Wine tour around Mondavio and Corinaldo


Le Marche wines are still off the beaten paths as regards international tourism and it will be my pleasure to introduce you to this secret part of Italy. This private tour was designed for two Australian friends in collaboration with Vita Italian Tours in the northern area of our region, notably in the sorrounding of Mondavio and Corinaldo.

These two charming villages are places nearby the famous beach town of Senigallia. While Mondavio is famous for its massive fortress, Corinaldo preserves a well-kept surrounding walls.

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Since the Ancient Roman period the rolling hills of this area safeguard small vineyards of niche DOC grapevine such as Bianchello del Metauro, Lacrima di Morro d’Alba and Pergola Rosso.

By driving a car it is possible to reach several family-run wineries and stop for a proper wine tasting where young English-speaker will welcome you.

This time we visited the old Cantina Sant’Amico and the new winery Terracruda, in order to compare two different wine cellars and production systems.

This wine tour allowed us to live a full immersion on this countryside riches on history and art, tradition and culture, food and wine.