Beauty in the Beast…l’uomo non è il suo errore

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Friday 3rd of June 2016, 8.30 PM

It is the night before the end of the school and you can feel this thrilling atmosphere on air… summer is coming and we leave more room to dreams.

More and more people are entering at Teatro Rossini in Pesaro while I am waiting Erica a friend of mine for a last minute ticket. The musical is sold out and we do not know what to expected from it but we have good feeling about.

Two different stories are performed, one based on the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, while the second show us the backstage of a capital punishment. Both together want to show us who are and who become a beast, arguing against this kind of execution.

Beauty in the Beast… l’uomo non è il suo errore

(a man is not what he do wrong).

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More than 400 students from the high schools network of Pesaro have been working on the musical during the last 9  months. Actors, Musicians, Singers, sound designers, set designers, custome designers have work all together in a project with the local prison the national antimafia network and Amnesty International.

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I was impressed about the high level of performance achieved by the students and the huge job behind the musical organization. I want to write my best heartfelt thanks to all the School Boards and teachers involved in this terrific project.  It gave both an important opportunity to the young students and a rich cultural output to the town.

You make me proud to be citiziten of this town and this region.